Commissioning Services


Commissioning Services

Alesteshari International Co. has an in-house team of site commissioning engineers and technicians. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and portable commissioning instruments the site works are setup conforming to the best engineering practices. Our integrated commissioning team offers the advantages of a single point of responsibility for the commissioning of the entire project.

In addition to delivering turnkey solutions, Alesteshari International Co. has won recognition for site installation & commissioning work on third-party design and equipment supply.



Installation & commissioning services whilst instrumentation technology becomes simpler for customers’ to use, the benefits of having expert factory-trained service engineers perform commissioning services are considerable. If the equipment is incorrectly installed or commissioned, no amount of maintenance will achieve the desired performance.

Alesteshari International Co.  Engineers are vastly experienced and work in a broad range of industries. With comprehensive and continuous training programmer, this gives them the knowledge to understand instrument requirements, installation suitability and the ability to provide customer’s instrument assets with the best opportunity to perform safely, accurately and reliably.


Primary Features

  • Installation and commissioning performed by certified engineers
  • Instruments/Systems installed and commissioned to achieve the application-specific duty
  • Set up, testing and recording of parameters to meet application specification and to support future maintenance and validation




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