Our Alliances

Our Alliances

Absolute Imaging Inc. is committed to providing superior imaging of the earth’s subsurface for our global portfolio of clients.

Our passion for geoscience has allowed us to develop leading-edge technologies that have resulted in the discovery of extensive energy reserves around the world.

We are a global provider of subsurface seismic imaging that provides solutions for the many complex imaging challenges that our clients face around the world.

Our talented team of Geoscientists has completed many diverse projects and is committed and focused on providing exceptional personalized service.

Among the services that we provide are Onshore & Offshore 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic data processing along with advanced imaging (depth & diffraction), multi-component processing, and near-surface imaging.

We also provide, through our partners, Reservoir Characterization, Interpretation, and Reservoir Engineering services.

For more information about Absolute Imaging Inc. please visit our website: http://www.absoluteimaging.ca


TRANSLINK is an expert in supplying a wide range of specialized products and services to the UK and Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Far East.

We manufacture new, repair damaged, and replace old access machinery and parts.

Our fast responsive support is coupled with a thorough understanding of the technical and commercial requirements of our markets.

We are based in the UK, with our manufacturing facilities in Manchester and our head office in Shropshire. We have long-established supply chains with leading suppliers and links in the transport sector. This allows us to manage all aspects throughout the build and transport of your machine to make sure it arrives, tested, and ready to use, at your facility.


Mitas Group has extensive experience in providing service to onshore and offshore receiving and processing facilities. We are a leading specialist in the project management, engineering, and maintenance of offshore/onshore oil and gas projects.

Our expertise in this area helps our clients optimize performance by maintaining, repairing and modifying major assets. We work with our clients to drive quality, innovation, and cost efficiency to ensure that we add value throughout the asset life-cycle. We are able to call on a fast-track team of essential personnel available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

All our staff is British passport holders and trained to British Standards, we specialize in offshore platforms and onshore new build platforms and Refineries.

Our Management Team has over 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas projects and delivers on schedule and most important safety first.

We provide fully trained staff to support the construction and commissioning phases of offshore and onshore projects.

In addition, we can provide staff for ongoing operations and maintenance programs.


S.C. DAFORA S.A Leader within the Romanian drilling market, Dafora performs onshore drilling services for oil, gas and geothermal water, well testing and workover, transport, rig-up/rig-down and maintenance for drilling equipment. Gaining from the vast experience in oil and gas exploitation, we are very proud of our performance in contracting most of the drilling works for the international companies operating in this sector in Romania. The long experience, the guarantee of good services along with our PEOPLE`s implication and skill, have led to our services being promoted in the international drilling market such as South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary.




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