Air conditioning Services


Air conditioning Services

Solutions for Data Center Business

Precision air conditioning cabinets for computer rooms (CRAC): version Peripheral and In-Row, in direct expansion and chilled water

Technical characteristics: Cooling capacity 5 kW to 200 kW cooling by direct expansion, chilled water, double source, free cooling

Ecological refrigerant R410a Filtration of air up to F9 at blowing.

EC fans, Variable speed fans, Inverter technology compressors with variable speed CE certification ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 production sites


Solutions for Healthcare Environment

Air treatment cabinets for surgical rooms, hospital facilities, and clean rooms: relaxation version

Direct and chilled water, mono-block design, compact, integrating fresh air modules, blowing, recovery and extraction.

All with the same regulations.

Technical characteristics:

  • Up to 15,000m3 / h
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation (Indoor, Outdoor Terrace)
  • Chilled water or direct expansion ecological refrigerant R410a
  • Air filtration up to F9, and HEPA terminal filter H14 (Filter ceilings, diffusers)
  • EC fans Variable speed fans Inverter technology compressors for speed variation
  • EN1886 standard CE,
  • TUV certifications according to DIN 1946/4 ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 production sites


Solutions for Commercial business

VRF systems outdoor and indoor units

(Cassettes, ceiling, wall mounted, duct units…)

Unlike other VRV / VRF products on the market, Toshiba’s revolutionary INVERTER DRV solution puts new demands on performance.

Today, the all-new SMMSe further illustrates this philosophy and pushes the boundaries.

The combination of the latest generation of unique Toshiba compressors, a completely redesigned new exchanger and Toshiba’s intelligent refrigerant management technology, allows for exceptional energy savings, while maintaining:

  • An optimal level of comfort.
  • Variable control All-Inverter to infinity
  • Twin-Rotary compressor
  • Intelligent management of refrigerant flow
  • Advanced design heat exchanger
  • Tool “Wave Tool”
  • Connect up to 64 indoor units: Cassette, wall, standard duct and high-pressure duct, ductless air duct, non-cored console, cabinet, dual flow console
  • The entire Toshiba range is EUROVENT certified
  • R32 refrigerant compatibility




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