Improving Existing Projects


Improving Existing Projects

Through a customized series of interviews, workshops and planning sessions, we align and focus your team in a unified direction toward improving your services and processes. You get our outside perspective, insights from doing this many times over, recommendations about what’s right for your shop, and as much or as little participation as you would like during implementation.

We start by uncovering three things: what iss not working, what is working, and what just needs some improvement. Through a combination of meetings and work sessions, we’ll tackle things like the following:

■ Current process and tools
■ Team structure, workflow and communication
■ Roles and responsibilities
■ Staff skill levels and gaps
■ Artifacts and deliverables teams produce
■ Assigning team members to projects
■ Managing and forecasting utilization
■ Client experience and measurable client satisfaction
■ Integrating client retention and growth programs
■ Team experience and measuring team happiness
■ Project profitability
■ Budgeting, scoping and pricing methods

Then we analyze what we have learned. The outcome is our prioritized recommendations for the type of support you would benefit from as our next steps together. This could include:

■ Workflow design
■ Process training
■ Growth planning
■ Team workshops
■ Tools and resources
■ Template creation
■ PM or team coaching

Alternatively, we could do this work in the context of an actual project, which would be a combination of this service and our On-Demand Digital Project Teams service.



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