Setting Up Manufacturing Operations for Non-Woven Textile Industries


Establishing a business plan including the technical operating factors for setting up a turnkey manufacturing operations for Non Woven Textile industries and synthetics stable fibers that ore based on polpropyelene and polyester polymers Products ore designed to comply with the latest international standards, used in the textile industry.

This project comprehends the specificity of the sector and enabled other industrialists with a vision to explore the technicality and commerciality of technical textiles, particularly nonwoven fabric sector in Canada, Europe and the Middle East and gives a large picture perspective of this sector.

Therefore, there is a huge potential to set up nonwoven production facility in India to accommodate this growing demand. The project report for nonwoven fabric manufacturing and highlights the overview on nonwoven production processes as well as nonwoven markets. Nonwoven project report also included the detailed costing and profitability for new this new venture.

Project Report

■ Worldwide Nonwoven growth
■ Worldwide Nonwoven machinery manufacturers list
■ Applications of Nonwoven Fabric
■ Nonwoven Fabric Defects and Troubleshooting measures
■ Brief outlook of Asia’s progress in Nonwoven consumption
■ Global Nonwoven consumption
■ Nonwoven production share by different technology
■ Fibers for Nonwovens
■ Nonwovens consumption by application
■ Comparison for production amongst Canada, European and Asian Technologies
■ Land, Building & Construction cost
■ Power Cost
■ Manpower Cost
■ Utility Cost
■ Organization chart
■ Pre-operative expenses
■ Total project cost
■ Raw material costing (Variable depend upon using master batch for color, treatment either antistatic or hydrophilic and Alcohol Repellency)
■ A 20-year Profitability statement
■ Comparison of project cost & profitability for different technologies (Canada, European, Asian and North American)





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