S.C.M.I Jordon


Establishing a business plan including the technical operating factors for setting up a manufacturing operation for thermal insulation materials that are based on XPS and PU polymers. Products are designed lo comply with the latest international standards, used in constructional industry.

The use of thermal insulation is a primary approach to reducing heating and cooling loads in buildings, which account for 42%and 24% of energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings, respectively, and to decrease energy losses from heat transfer systems associated with the petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, and food and beverage industry sectors. This project yielded the measurement science needed to accurately predict the insulating ability of these materials by developing measurement data and techniques to allow for accurate assessment of their thermal properties. The focus was on three particular types of insulating materials with high degrees of uncertainty in the measured thermal performance: insulation meant for applications up to 250 C°, microporous insulation, and phase-change materials.

To achieve reductions in building heating and cooling loads and industrial energy use by decreasing measurement uncertainties of the thermal resistance of insulating materials through the assessment of high-temperature insulating materials measurement capabilities (i.e., laboratory comparisons) and investigation of measurement techniques for novel insulating materials.

The research plan covered three related areas:

■ International comparisons with guarded-hot-plate laboratories
■ Development of thermal insulation data sets at extended temperatures
■ Establishment of measurement services apparatus


AI Group participated in the following comparisons as part of the method validation apparatus:

■ Bilateral comparison
■ Multi-lab comparison
■ Invited collaborator in a multi-year Canada, European metrology research program
■ Bilateral comparison with national research councils


Supply and application of hot insulation material and aluminum jacketing to various steam pipes including the fabrication of insulated steel support brackets for jacketing.

Supply and application of hot and cold insulation materials and aluminum jacketing to pipe work and equipment around field gas compressors






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