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Introduction of a new concept for manufacturing containerized modular system,steel structure, prefabricated house, Thermally insulated that are perfectly utilized for fast delivery, labor camps,  disaster relief emergency housing systems.
Prefabricated building systems are computer designed and preengineered in a factory. The complete structure of the building is fabricated in ready to install insulated panels which are joined together with lightweight steel profiles. Assembly is fast and uncomplicated and does not require specialist tools or knowledge.
Completed buildings are packed in component format and delivered direct to the site location by truck.
Prefabricated buildings designed and manufactured with an architectural approach that gives priority to the work place.

Benefit from prefabrication

■ High insulation values save heating and cooling costs.
■ Fast build time guarantees an almost immediate income stream from rented property.
■ Modular design allows for fast, scalable extensions.
■ Highly resistant to high winds and earthquake activity.
■ Low carbon footprint.
■ Provides a considerable advantage in terms of maintenance and replacement expenses.





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