Iran Industrial Resin Factory


This project is about industrial appraisal/developing plan upgrade existing manufacturing operation / and set up a new manufacturing process flow line for new products.

Efficient manufacturing plants must continually upgrade production facilities in order to meet strict manufacturing guidelines and to produce newly developed product lines. This involves comprehensive planning and continuous partnering with a factory infrastructure contractor who knows your plant and production issues.

Successful production plant upgrades require building modifications, machinery installations, and utility upgrades that are made to accommodate both current and future needs. By creating a solid working relationship with your contractor, you can plan for plant modifications without re-creating the knowledge and learning curve each time while, at the same time, gain valuable consulting insight early in each project.

■ By providing key insight at the project evaluation stage, we assist with the conceptual and practical aspects of the project and can significantly reduce project costs, overruns, changes, delays and overall project frustration with such as things as the following:

■ Confirm that the new production lines will fit in the existing space and have adequate service access

■ Suggest and plan any building modifications necessary for installation of the production equipment in the existing area

■ Review and reduce any impact to nearby production or warehouse areas both during the construction (dust/product contamination) and after installation (access routes, reduction in space)

■ Review the documented planned production process and its integration to the overall facility operations for suitability, feasibility, and any best practice modifications or value-added solutions

■ Review and manage details of any potential roadblocks to the installation including structural constraints (walls, floors, structural columns), existing electrical and mechanical installations, existing facility utilities (water, sewer, electrical), and equipment access to the installation area for construction and installation of new production equipment





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