Feasibility Study


Establishing Feasibility Study including technical operating factor for setting a chemical complex compound for manufacturing specialty construction chemicals that are related to construction Industry.

Using improved refining technology, the construction chemicals process would feature new configurations with established conversion technologies.
Conducting feasibility studies of complex interventions and deciding whether or not to proceed to a full manufacturing state, is not always straightforward. We were presented by challenges encountered during the design and analysis of two feasibility studies:
OBI (Optimized Behavioral Intervention for avoidant chronic low back pain patients)
MIDSHIPS (Multicenter Intervention Designed for Self-Harm using Interpersonal Problem Solving)
This was a complex challenge for both of these feasibility studies and crucial to determining their success.
We had lessons learnt from our experience.

Project Risks

An initial risk assessment was performed during the Feasibility Study stage. A preliminary risk register and risk matrix were developed. Of the many risks found:
■ Overall costs of the project
■ By-product management
■ The capture technology, and potential technical issues associated with the scale-up from pilot to demonstration phase





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