Turn Key Project. Establishing Feasibility Study / setting up a complex chemical compound for manufacturing Waterproofing. Damp proofing sheet
membrane, Protection Boards, Pipe Wrapping, D.P. Courses and Protective Coaling solvent and water base chemical products for the construction industry.

It has always been important to make sure that the factory or plant gets protected from moisture. This is the reason why a lot of construction-minded entrepreneurs consider learning how to start a waterproofing business. Just like any other kind of business, learning how to start a waterproofing business has its methods and procedures to ensure that business owners would be able to start out fine.
Next generation waterproofing specifications were implemented in the project. There were specifications for future waterproofing system, such as an envelope type specification of requiring very few times renovation and a built-in type specification of not requiring renovation, were proposed. The calculated results for the proposed specifications were promising.
The approach from a structural engineering point of view has been to assess the buildings and roof structures based on an understanding of the period in which they have been designed, and their purpose. For example, old buildings were not designed to accommodate large plant and equipment, and are typically of a light weight timber framed roof construction. In contrast buildings with roofs having a concrete deck constructed in the 20th Century were most likely designed to accommodate plant and equipment.
With this in mind the likely loading capacity can be assumed based on experience. The assumptions made for each building in terms of roof load bearing capacity are provided in the Analysis section for each site.





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