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Establishing feasibility study for manufacturing polysulfide sealant and mastics specialty construction chemicals.

Polysulfide sealants are designed for joints that need to withstand prolonged immersion in liquids. Typical applications include swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers, fuel and chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment and petrochemical plants.

AI Group’s goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions – not just find the products. AI Group’s experienced technical services representatives and sales representatives are available to answer your questions concerning sealant selection, requirements and recommendations on a per job basis.

There has been an increase in the usage of sealants in concrete joints in the past few years. Preformed neoprene compression joint sealers have been effective at keeping out incompressible but tend to leak water. Preformed neoprene also are known to
take a compression set, which is when the neoprene no longer presses tightly against the joint wall. Preformed sealers can often pop out of the joints
at many locations causing an open joint and are unsightly. Silicone sealants seem to be performing satisfactorily. Research was needed to identify products that will provide long-term performance.

Security sealants contained the properties that prevented idle tampering and vandalism which would have endanger citizens. In addition to safety, the use of security sealants presented many benefits from an economic perspective:

■ Decreased risk of lawsuits
■ Decreased maintenance costs
■ Increased service periods of sealants
■ Decreased replacement costs





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