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Setting up and manufacturing operation, for the production of bituminous emulsion for road and building construction industry. Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water & bitumen.

The production of bitumen emulsion consisted of two primary steps.

In the 1st step water is mixed with appropriate emulsifying agent and other chemicals. The type of emulsifier to be used depends upon the ionic nature of the mix.

The 2nd step is the addition of bitumen with the water-emulsifier mix. This is done in a colloidal mill. Depending upon the use, the amount of bitumen to be added with water may range from 40 to 70%. Water-emulsifier mix and bitumen is pumped to a colloidal mill. The colloidal mill breaks the bitumen into tiny droplets. The average diameter of these tiny droplets of bitumen is about 2 micron.

Here came the role of our emulsifier. Emulsifiers created a coating of surface charge around the bitumen droplets that helped keep these tiny particles away from each other. It also helped keep these particles in a dispersed form.

After completion of the 2nd step, the bitumen emulsion was pumped into storage tank.

By undertaking this projet, AI Group was able to:

■ Develop quality assurance and continuous improvement processes to monitor the operation of the supply chain (from purchasing to shipping).

■ Interpret information regarding Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to identify opportunities for improvement of the manufacturing operation.

■ Manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of a project as defined by project stakeholders.






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