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Setting up a manufacturing operation, for the production of the complete range of chemical additives for concrete for building construction industry.

The project initially envisaged the development of a procedure at laboratory scale to facilitate the production of water-carrying surface heating and cooling elements and solar absorbers made of sophisticated ultra-high performance concrete. Development was planned in a follow-up project.

Two manufacturing processes of interest were investigated: One of these was a membrane vacuum deep-drawing procedure (MVT). The channel structures were produced in the process using the FracTherm® procedure. A special algorithm allowed a fractal-like, multi-branched channel network to be designed that facilitates a uniform flow distribution with minimised pressure loss for virtually any surface. The energy-saving technology is already used to design channel structures for solar absorbers.

The following steps were observed during the opration:

■ Concrete Admixtures: Set-Retarding

■ Concrete Admixtures: Set-Retarding

■ Concrete Admixtures: Air-Entrainment

■ Water-Reducing Concrete Admixtures

■ Concrete Admixtures: Accelerating

■ Concrete Admixtures: Shrinkage Reducing

■ Concrete Admixtures: Super plasticizers

■ Concrete Admixtures: Corrosion-Inhibiting


Production took place in a purpose-built manufacturing facility:

■ A quality assurance system is in place

■ Occupational, health and safety (OHS) procedures are in use

■ Technical and engineering competence

■ Financial stability

■ Environmental compliance.







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