Ahila Chemicals


Selling up food processing manufacturing operation, for the production of 100% pure fruit drinking juice and vinegar and tomato paste.

Food industry is closely related to human life. The efficient operation of food manufacturing facility is critical for companies to survive in a global competitive environment. In this project, a case study in food industry was investigated to seek optimized schedules for production process. A mathematical model in mixed integer linear programming has been built for a medium scale production facility on multi-week scheduling. This scheduling optimization problem is also being extended to facilities of larger scale and higher complexity, and considering energy efficiency.

Leveraging considerable experience in the design and operation of a wide range of food industries, AI Group has provided comprehensive services ranging from planning, design and project management of new facilities, to the engineering of new and expanded plant and equipment.

By undertaking this projet, AI Group was able to:


■ Develop quality assurance and continuous improvement processes to monitor the operation of the supply chain (from purchasing to shipping).

■ Interpret information regarding Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to identify opportunities for improvement of the manufacturing operation.

■ Manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of a project as defined by project stakeholders.






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